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Turbine Inlet Valve
Smooth streamlined disc profile ensures minimum head loss
Non-jamming seal system
Self-cleaning seat
Long seal life
Flap valves are used at the exit end of the discharge pipeline of a pumping system where water is pumped from a river / reservoir to a canal. The purpose is to prevent the back flow of water from the canal having high silt or foreign material flowing back into the discharge pipeline of pump, when the pump trips. The flap of the valve is designed in such a way that
It opens with the working pressure of the pump and also due to the moment exerted by the dead weight arrangement which is provided on the same shaft where the flap of the valve is located / supported.

The valve closes automatically when the pump trips.
The non - slam hydraulic arrangement is attached to the lever of the dead weight, which helps the valve close without a slam.
Salient Features of Our Flap Valves
The valve body is designed to a much higher-pressure rating than required for rigidity.
The valve body is also provided with the supporting feet arrangement.
Full-length shaft of adequate diameter is provided to ensure trouble free working of the valve
The flap of the valve is designed in such a way that it opens with the minimum pressure. For easy opening and closing the torque values are kept to the minimum.
'C' type seal arrangement to have a double point sealing.
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